Theatre: ALICE

Amanitas Fire Theatre invites you into a rabbit hole. You will be Alice; we will be your wonderland. One side will stretch you out; the other side will shrink you down. Side of what? A mushroom! The slithy toves will gyre and gimble in the wabe…
Alice explores the boundaries between childhood and adulthood, reality and fantasy. It investigates ideas of submissiveness and dominance, individual vs. society. Are there clear borders or is everything intertwined?

Theatre: KO. MIX.X1

The cyberpunk performance KO. MIX.X1 is inspired by a comics ilustrated by Kaja Saudek and written by Miloš Macourek Muriel & Angels and Muriel & Orange death. The story full of wings, fire, light, love and hate draws you into the world of comics. Physical theatre in fusion with the elements of fireshow, new circus, acrobatics, giant fire ropes and chains, high feet and hand stilts, juggling pyramide and cube manipulation, flamin hoops and claws in the impressive choreography and in conjunction with the live music.

Theatre: RUR (Rossum's Universal Robots)

A tribute to science fiction drama by Karel Čapek. Biological entities whose parts are assembled together like automobiles, hearts made of replicant steel that was hardened in a factory fire; they have discovered the concept of genetic engineering. Machines assembled as opposed to being born or having grown; they start to create…

Technical requirements

  • Space 10×10 m (outdoor or well ventilated indoor),
  • Lights 15× FHR+color filters-usual colors
  • smoke machine, stroboskop
  • Suitable sound system fitting the space size