Amanitas performers are professionals in their fields with experience since 2000.

While performing with fire and pyrotechnics, we are using only certified products, natural oil (suitable for both indoors and outdoors). We offer already prepared show packages, but we are looking forward to creating a specific event exactly tailored for the client, based on site specifics, client wishes and the final audience of the show.


(acrobatical show with indoor fountains – see the Cech and Slovac Got Talent 2011)

  • standalone artist
  • 2 performers
  • 3 performers (either 2 classical and one on stilts or jumping stilts)
  • 4 performers (either 2 classical and one or two on stilts or jumping stilts; or only as a girls group)
  • 5 performers (see above)
  • 6–10 performers – individual calculation

The Pyroshow Techniques: ground acrobatics, hoop, poi, giant lizard, poles, juggling pyramide, fiant fire sphere, isis wings, pyro costumes, laser effects, fans and others


Similar to pyroshow

Additional Techniques: giant fire ropes – absolutely unique and original technique, Fire spitting, cones, burners, ropes, fire costumes, fire circles, fire spider

Light and laser show

Best in places that can provide absolute darkness

KO.MIX.X1 performance, see theatre

Long term performance (30 min) gathering most of above mentioned techniques. Performance was opened on Letní Letná festival (Prague) in 2010, with more than 3000 auditioners. Trailer from its site specific variatin on video page

Alegorical parades see parades

additional techniques

that we can implement into the program free of charge

  • Stilts
  • unicycle
  • aerial ring
  • levitation wand/toroflux
  • crystall ball
  • hanging acrobatics
  • expressive dance
  • living statues
  • host / MC
  • fakir
  • iron man
  • vj (usual and/or providing mapping)
  • dj
  • live musicians (violinist, drummer, piano player, harmonica player)
  • she ropedancer

Sophisticated or eccentric models and hostesses

able to fluently communicate in different world languages, capable of roller skating; charming on high heels; communicate with clients or just beeing beautiful in the right place at the right time…


acrobatics, jggling, poles, poi, fans


Original facepainting and make-up suitablefor parties, children’s ce­lebrations, fashion shows etc…

Realization of custom costumes and masks, or lending from our sources.


Unique show of robotics women with real live robot music band (20 min) Video on

Travel expenses – out of Prague CZK 6/km (passenger car); CZK 12/km (van for 9 passengers)
In case of performing with flying tickets, an individual agreement is necessery (especialy in case of transporting the pyretechnics).